Senior Project Update.

During our senior year we have what is called our senior project. For my project I am doing candid photography. Throughout the year I will be posting updates on my project along with some of the work I have done.

I worked over the summer, planning what I wanted to do for this project and have now finally been able to begin work on it. Basically I will be finding events and opportunities to capture candid photography of people. A couple weeks ago I went to Church Street and took some pictures of a street musician playing there. This was also the first time I have asked a complete stranger for their portrait. While this may not seem 100% candid, I still think it is possible to capture genuine emotion even if the subject is aware you are taking a photo. Plus it is always good to know they are ok with it, especially if you did not know them previously. Here are some of the shots I got of him.

Last weekend I took a trip down to Montpelier to wander around the event on the state house lawn and see if I could get some more work for my project. This was a little different than walking on church street. I did not feel as compelled to ask people for their portraits, as there were many other people taking pictures and whenever I pointed my camera at some of them, they often smiled, and then moved on. This was a really good learning experience for me and I now know more of what I am looking for in my project and how to get there. Below are some of my favorites captured from this event.

Some realized after a moment that I was taking pictures of them, and reacted accordingly.