Early Season BMX Session

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A recent session I had with my friend Chris. It was a lot colder than it looks but we had fun, getting back on our bikes for the first time this year. The pictures of me were taken by Chris and all the others are mine. I added a vintage effect in postprocessing as well. Enjoy!


Candid Portraiture

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Recently I have been realizing that I really enjoy candid portraiture. Just last weekend I got the wonderful opportunity to visit some dear family friends of ours and photograph their very cute almost two year old. While she provided a bit of a challenging subject, she was an extremely candid one. Enjoy!

The Wait

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This is a series that I did over the course of my recent trip to Colorado and BC, Canada. The theme is waiting and while most of the photos are in the airports, there are a few that are a different type of waiting. The concept is simply photos that embody the theme of waiting. Enjoy!