We have moved to http://carlheyerdahlphotography.com/


We have moved to http://carlheyerdahlphotography.com/

We have moved to a new website, please visit it at http://carlheyerdahlphotography.com/


Senior Project Update 3

My senior project is coming along well. I went through all my photos quickly the other day and found a bunch of material I had not realized I had. I have also updated my categories to amusement, anger, determination, happiness, joy, pain, sadness, and thoughtful/contemplative. After I made these categories I went through the pictures I had pulled out for my project and assigned them respectively. After doing this I realized I have a least one photo for each of my slots! I am further along than I thought, and am very excited to get some more. I need to work the harder ones more though, like pain and sadness but Alex, my mentor had a great idea as to how to get some pain shots. He thought that a tattoo parlor might be willing to let me photograph a client in exchange for some photos for marketing. I think this holds great potential and am planning on pursuing it. Another thing I did recently that I just realized I could relate to my project was my friend Will’s senior portrait shoot. I originally wrote this off as not part of my project but going back through the pictures I realized that some the shots were authentically candid. I will include a few below so you can see, but I am intrigued as to how this type of shoot could also result in some good material. For now my project is going well, if a bit slowly. I was recently accepted to college, and now that that whole project is off my plate I can hopefully really get into my project!

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